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The “Mad Men” Aesthetic: The Time Warner Building and De Young Museum
March 30, 2012, 2:59 pm
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About two years ago I was in NY and had a chance to go shooting in the vicinity of Central Park.  I can’t say it was a particularly good day for shooting and I was there in the mid-day light.  However as I looked at the Time Warner building it immediately reminded me of the intro to “Mad Men” where a figure is seen falling against the backdrop of a skyscraper.  I liked the jagged edges of the building and the variation of angles that the light helped emphasize.  I entitled this shot “Jazz”, partly due to the nature of the image but also because “Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola” which is part of Jazz at Lincoln Center resides somewhere near the top of the protruding edge.  Whenever people ask me where they should go in NYC, I always suggest Dizzy’s because it is an ultimate New York experience, great music, fun people-watching, and drop-dead views of Central Park and the buildings lining Fifth Avenue.


But back to the issue at hand.  During my latest outing in San Francisco, I had intended to shoot more “Tapestry” type photographs from the tower at the De Young, but for a number of reasons that particular location doesn’t work well for creating those kinds of photographs.  I did however find the building itself mesmerizing and the starkness of the light behind the building in this case worked for what I wanted to achieve.

De Young 1

In this shot, which is pretty much as shot, I wanted to counter-balance the negative spaces which appear at the bottom and top corners.  The strong diagonal helps create a sense of drama and energy.  Here is another shot:

De Young Museum

The variation in texture coupled with those of the different forms make for good abstract studies.  In some ways, the object as a whole is less evident than the parts comprising it.

De Young #2

Here I enjoy how both the boldness of form and the intricate detail of the walls are each evident.

Well, I am glad to have given a little overview of some neglected older work and of some of my newer work and how I think about it.



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